We service ALL makes of cars!

Nordic Motors is approaching 20 years of servicing Volvos for our clients. A few years ago, we opened our doors to Subaru owners.

Many of our clients have asked if we can take care of their other vehicles, too. For many of them, we have said, “yes.” And now, we are able to service the other cars in your driveway.

Nordic Motors has always had the most highly trained, certified technicians. And now, we’re inviting you to take advantage of our expertise, modern tools and technology by bringing all of your family cars to us.

You see, it is not only a Volvo or Subaru that we can service; it’s a vehicle with systems. These systems are what we service and repair: brakes, engines, transmissions, cooling, exhaust and more. The principles and processes for repairing and maintaining these systems are the same.

We are ready to perform regular maintenance on your Honda or Volkswagen, as well as address complex issues like electrical components and computer software problems on your Lexus or Audi. Nordic Motors is prepared to apply our expertise to any make of car you own.

Nordic Motors always has and always will provide you with the best people and highest quality of repairs that you deserve—along with the personal attention you’ve come to know.